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Online water ordering is now available!

If you are interested in ordering water online beginning this season, visit https://ecbid.org/order-water/ to learn more and create an account.

  1. Only Owners/Operators will be able to sign up and receive an activation pin.
    1. One designated owner or operator is permitted to order water for each turnout.
    2. If you do not  place orders for water or are not interested in online ordering, you do not need to sign up. Water orders will also continue to be taken as they were in 2022.
  2. If you are not cleared to order water, please check your paperwork and payment status. Please call the main office with questions.

Water can still be ordered through the Watermaster’s office.

Recent Accomplishments

2022 was another productive year at the District. Several notable projects were either completed, furthered in development, or initiated. Below is a list of a few highlights. For the full list of accomplishments please visit https://ecbid.org/year-in-review/

  • Delivered a reliable water supply to landowners, consistently.
  • Installed a generator at Wahatis peak that provides reliable continuity of CBP SCADA and alarms during power outages. The generator self-tests with automatic start to avoid routine travel up to the site. Created a District website.
  • Received, by supplementary request, an additional $175K for the EL85E Conservation pipeline. Volunteered to be the sponsor for a Small Watershed Plan through NRCS.
  • Have navigated and progressed through the process of receiving a grant from the NRCS and then simultaneously signed an ILA with CBCD, to perform the tasks of developing a small watershed plan. The end result will present potential funding opportunities to aid in the development of the OGWRP and decrease costs to OGWRP landowners. 
  • Contracted 18,000 acres of groundwater replacement; 1460 acres added in 2022.
  • Participated in joint CBP Economic Impact Study.
  • Completed inventory of canal level sensors.
  • Updated District Rules and Regulations.
  • Converted records and payroll to electronic systems.
  • Cumulatively over 150 miles of conservation pipelines installed.

Read the full report at: https://ecbid.org/year-in-review/

Check your mailbox! Annual assessments have been mailed.

View all open positions at: https://ecbid.org/open-positions/

Is your contact information current? If not, visit https://ecbid.org/landowner-contact/ to update.

We are pleased to announce the following staff changes:

  • Alex Torres has moved from Moses Lake Ditchrider to Moses Lake Relief Rider
  • Carlos Hernandez has moved from Othello Ditchrider to Othello Relief Rider
  • Caden Egbert has moved from Othello Canal Maintenance to Othello Ditchrider
  • Josh Hirz has moved from Moses Lake Ditchrider to Moses Lake Relief Rider

In addition, the District has hired Chance Melgren for the role of Othello Canal Maintenance and Tylor Phelps as Communications Technician.
“I am pleased to add the two new members to our team and support advancement of our existing team members. As we gear up for our 2023 season, I’m certain that this will allow us to effectively and efficiently provide reliable irrigation water to landowners,” explained District Secretary-Manager Craig Simpson.

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