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OGWRP Watershed Planning Project (PL-566)

OGWRP Watershed Planning Project (PL-566)

The East Columbia Basin Irrigation District (ECBID) and the Grant County Conservation District (GCCD), and your legislators have received funding through USDA Farm Bill conservation programs, specifically, the NRCS PL-566 Watershed Program to help implement the next and final phases of OGWRP.

This new initiative known as the “OGWRP Watershed Planning Project (PL-566)”, is the starting point for securing significant federal funding through NRCS. Implementation will be determined as plans develop, to sync OGWRP purposes and landowner investments. This USDA funding will build on the significant investments continuing to be made by the State of Washington, Bureau of Reclamation, and ECBID producers.

More info can be found here: https://www.ogwrp-programs.org/

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On May 23, 2022 ECBID held a special session of the Board of Directors to provide information on this program to landowners. Joined by partner agencies, the OGWRP Watershed Planning Project (PL-566) award, efforts, and timelines were presented to attendees. A Q&A session followed. Presented information includes:

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