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circular logo used by the East Columbia Basin Irrigation district with a canal full of water underneath a sun

The East Columbia Basin Irrigation District will begin filling the East Low Canal for the 2023 irrigation season on Wednesday, March 22, 2023.

The East Low Canal serves the Moses Lake, Warden, and Othello areas of the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District and the Connell (Block 18) area of the South Columbia Basin Irrigation District.

Deliveries from the East Low Canal will begin on March 27th. Deliveries to the East District’s Block 49, from the Potholes East Canal, will begin to be available March 20th.

Irrigation deliveries will be dependent on the demand in individual lateral systems. Pump plants will also be started when orders are sufficient for start-up of the plants. Water users should contact their respective Watermaster Headquarters in Moses Lake or Othello or contact their ditchrider to receive current information and schedules.


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