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Irrigation season is typically late March through late October. Orders for changes to water delivery amounts must be received by the Ditchrider or Watermaster office before 3:30PM on the working day previous to the effective day of change in the delivery amount requested. Longer notice may be required as necessary. Water is ordered and delivered on a 24-hour basis.

Online Water Ordering is Now Available.
If you are interested in online ordering, below is a step-by-step process:

  1. Call our water records clerks at (509)488-9671
  2. Ask for your activation pin
  3. Go to the Website: https://ecbid.waterui.com
  4. Click on “Don’t have an account? Sign up here “or go to https://ecbid.waterui.com/register
  5. Click on the “Profile” tab and link your account with your activation pin
  6. Confirm that all your Farm Units are on your account by going to the “Parcels Tab”
If you are missing any Farm Units, please contact the District’s water records clerks. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact the District to help guide you through the registration process at (509)488-9671. Water can still be ordered through the Watermaster’s office.

The water user can submit a water request card provided by the District. Water orders may also be made by telephone. The District will not be responsible for errors in telephone orders. In case of multiple water users on one turnout, water orders will be accepted from only one designated water user. District employees are not allowed to accept or use cellular phones, radios, or other communications devices that have been provided by water users. 

1. Pay Assessments. Assessments for all lands served by a turnout must be paid before water
delivery. Payments are made at the main office.

2. One designated person orders water for each turnout (delivery point). This is the landowner that the turnout is located on, unless another person is designated to order prior to the irrigation season. Landowner (or designee) places order. If you are in a common delivery or water user organization, please contact them to order. Complete orders include:

  • Block and Farm Unit (turnout)
  • Water request (on/off/change) in second-feet/days (or cubic feet/second)
  • Date of request
  • Ditchrider
  • Name of person calling in the order

3. Orders must be placed by 3:30PM of the workday prior to the requested change.

a. By Phone
b. By Fax
c. Walk-in:
  • Othello Watermaster office: 735 E Main Street
  • Moses Lake Watermaster office: 514 S Buchanan Street
d. Submit water order card to Watermaster office or Ditchrider.
e. Contact Ditchrider directly.

4. One order per card if placing an order in person or dropping off order on ditch bank.

5. Supplemental and excess water may be purchased (for most parcels) after the land’s
allotment has been exhausted.
Please contact the main office for additional water purchases.

6. Water order accuracy is important in order to manage flows and minimize undue fluctuations
and disruptions for multiple delivery points throughout the canal system, including existing
gravity deliveries. New pumping stations (such as EL 47.5) are closely monitored by daily flow
meter readings to verify actual water used at each turnout,= and to sync water order amounts
correctly. Cooperation is requested as system usage is determined and refined.

7. Landowners will pay for water ordered throughout the 24-hour period.

A. If more water is used than ordered, the amount will be adjusted upward to actual usage.
B. Landowners will be notified to prepare water orders more accurately.
C. Failure to comply with water ordering policy may result in curtailment of water delivery.
D. If a turnout is unable to use all of the water ordered throughout the 24-hr period because of unforeseen circle or mainline repair, the Landowner must contact the Ditchrider or an after- hours emergency telephone number.


OTHELLO – (509) 488-9675
MOSES LAKE: (509) 765-5151


Methods of water payments are as follows:

1.  In person: Main Office, 55 N 8th Ave, Othello (Check, Cash, Credit Card)
2. By phone: (509) 488-9671) (Credit Card)
3. By mail to ECBID: PO Box “E”, 55 N 8th Ave Othello, WA 99344 (Checks)

*Payments made by credit card will incur a service charge.
*Interest rate accrues at 12% anually.



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