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circular logo used by the East Columbia Basin Irrigation district with a canal full of water underneath a sun
At the June 1, 2022 Board of Directors meeting, the Board unanimously voted to indefinitely table the motion for consideration to change the use of grant funds which would impact the normalized-cost program.
No additional action will be taken by the Board on this motion. During the December 8, 2021 Board meeting, the Directors considered a motion to “apply grant money to extend systems to use the most amount of acres economically that can be served by public systems to take deep wells offline”. The Director explained: “grant money received for delivery systems would be used to build pipelines out further instead of lowering the overall cost to all landowners.”

The motion was seconded. After further discussion, President Anderson requested to table the motion in order to gather more information and landowner input. A landowner meeting was held on May 23, 2022 to gather input. Based on further information, the motion has been permanently tabled.

The mission of the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District is to provide reliable Columbia Basin Project irrigation water to East Columbia Basin Irrigation District lands at a sustainable cost for landowners.
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