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Othello, WA.- The East Columbia Basin Irrigation District has announced the following staff changes and additions:

  • Rod Barker has accepted the role as Othello Watermaster. He was awarded the position of Assistant
    Watermaster earlier this year.
  • Kyle Carlson has accepted the position of the Othello Assistant Watermaster. He formerly served as an
    Othello Relief Rider.
  • Dan Sanders has been awarded a Othello Relief Rider position. He previously served as an Othello
    Ditchrider for the past 15.5 years.
  • Bobby Bischoff has accepted a new position as Special Projects Administrator, a new position to the
    District. This position is designed to plan, organize, direct, and supervise a variety of diverse projects
    throughout the District.
  • Caden Egbert, Canal Maintenance Othello, has accepted the Othello Ditchrider 527 position.
  • Shaun Meseberg has been hired as the new Communications Department Supervisor.
  • Ethan O’Neal has been hired as a new Staff Engineer.
  • Josh Hirz has been hired as a new Moses Lake Ditchrider.

“Our team is focused on providing reliable irrigation water to landowners and these staff changes and
additions will help us to continue to best serve our customers. I’m pleased to continue to build and grow our team,” explained District Secretary-Manager Craig Simpson.

Located in central Washington State, the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District is the largest district in
the state, with authorization to irrigate 472,000 acres. Currently, 169,000 acres are developed and
managed by 4,500 landowners within the federal Columbia Basin Project. Additionally, the District is
involved in the development of 87,000 acres associated with the Odessa Groundwater Replacement
Program (OGWRP). The District provides a reliable supply of water that irrigates the cropland that
produces food shipped domestically and internationally.

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