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circular logo used by the East Columbia Basin Irrigation district with a canal full of water underneath a sun


The mission of the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District is to provide reliable Columbia Basin Project irrigation water to East Columbia Basin Irrigation District lands at a sustainable cost for landowners.

East Columbia Basin Irrigation District Board Members standing inside of a pumping facility
overhead shot of a canal that runs through East District farmland


The values of the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District include:


Providing Public Education

Positive Customer Relations

Maintaining Compliance

A Commitment To Delivering a Cost-Effective Resource

Oriented Toward Serving Our Communities

Creating & Maintaining a Healthy Workplace

Stewardship of The Land, Water, & Infrastructure


  • Continue to provide a reliable water supply to our landowners while maintaining and enhancing the federal facilities we are contracted to operate.
  • Continue to develop facilities that supply CBP water to lands awaiting a CBP water supply.
  • Deliver CBP water to 90,000 acres of land included in the Odessa Groundwater Replacement Program that are currently irrigated by private wells.
  • Continue to work on developing the remaining lands within the District to reach its maximum development of 472,000 acres through continued development of the Columbia Basin Project.
  • Remain a desirable workplace for locally produced employees and find more ways to attract and retain talented.
  • Improve public relations with landowners, elected officials, regulators and the general public.
  • Continue to improve our safety culture through safety compliance and operational improvements.
  • Advocate for policies and regulations that support the District’s mission.
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