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The water delivery season is set by the Board of Directors after consulting with the Reserved Works Committee of the three Columbia Basin Project Irrigation Districts. Generally speaking, canal priming will begin March 20th-24th and canal de-watering will begin October 20th-24th. Weather conditions, maintenance, construction requirements and other circumstances can affect these dates.
Orders for changes to water delivery amounts must be received by the Ditchrider or Watermaster office before 3:30PM on the working day previous to the effective day of change in the delivery amount requested. Longer notice may be required as necessary. Water is ordered and delivered on a 24-hour basis.

The water user can submit a water request card provided by the District. Water orders may also be made by telephone. The District will not be responsible for errors in telephone orders. In case of multiple water users on one turnout, water orders will be accepted from only one designated water user. District employees are not allowed to accept or use cellular phones, radios, or other communications devices that have been provided by water users.
First, get your property “cleared” for water delivery by paying your assessment and submitting any required forms. ALL units sharing a turnout must be paid & required paperwork completed prior to any land sharing a turnout being cleared. (see the “Reference Guide” for more details) After being “cleared”, you can place water orders for that year.
If you are the recognized operator of a delivery point you can order water. If not, make your water order through the operator of your turnout (delivery point).
Landowners sharing a common delivery must order water through the authorized person recognized by the District (usually the landowner where the delivery point exists).
No water shall be delivered until all current ECBID charges have been paid per our contract with Reclamation. If you are on a common delivery with your neighbors, all parties must pay their allotment prior to water being delivered.
Delivery boxes, valves and turnout gates will be locked at all times to better ensure proper regulation of flows in canals and laterals and to reduce opportunities for vandalism. Access to head gates is limited to authorized District personnel.
Landowners sharing a common delivery point are implored to develop a water user organization for the management and operation of community systems and their common delivery points. The District will not remedy water issues beyond our delivery point.
Yes. Water season is from Mid-March to Mid-October. You will be billed for excess water if you exceed your allotment. If you are in a prepay status to purchase excess water, you will be shut off when you have used your allotment.
Contact the Watermaster Clerk or refer to your “Welcome to the District” letter. (see the “Reference Guide” for District phone numbers)
The District mows and sprays terrestrial weeds on District easements during the irrigation season. We also chemically treat the water occasionally to manage aquatic weed growth. Ditchriders pull weedracks.
Our Ditchriders are prohibited from operating your private system.

Contact the Watermaster Clerk. Your Ditchrider will inspect the problem
and pull the weeds or trash out. Ditches are more dangerous than they appear. The District
does not maintain private systems.

Return flows and weather impact the stability of canal flows and can cause fluctuations. If the District’s delivery is fluctuating contact your ditchrider or the Watermaster office. You may also not have placed a water order large enough for your needs or have others on your system affecting your delivery.
The District will maintain District-approved meters. Purchase and replacement cost is the water user’s responsibility.
You need to place an order that will be taken at an authorized delivery point. Orders for changes in the water delivery amounts must be received by the Ditchrider or Watermaster office before 3:30 p.m. on the working day previous to the effective day of change in the delivery amount requested.
Typically, it indicates a time travel study or a water treatment. If the water is dirty, there may be a problem upstream. Please report it to us and we will notify the ditchrider.


Contact the Water Records Clerks for payment information, (509) 488-9671.

Assessments are payable February 15th and any assessments not paid on or before April 30th become delinquent on May 1st. First half payments may be paid prior to April 30th to avoid delinquency and second half payment is then due prior to October 31st or the account becomes delinquent. Delinquent assessments accrue interest charges of 12% annually. Accounts that have been delinquent for multiple years subject the property to foreclosure.

No water shall be delivered until all current ECBID charges have been paid.

To receive an East Columbia Basin Irrigation District water delivery, your parcel must be included in the Columbia Basin Project (if not included link to Inclusions), have an irrigable land classification (if not classified or non-irrigable link to Reclassification) and have a water allotment. If you are interested in applying for a water delivery, contact the our office at (509) 488-9671 for assistance or click here to apply.

The process and costs associated with obtaining a water delivery are as follows:

Landowners are obligated to pay their assessment whether water is used or not. Water allotments can be permanently released by approval of the Board of Directors. Contact the Water Records Clerks for the information, (509) 488-9671.


For all activities within the federal easements.

Typically a landowner, operator, or an irrigation contractor requests a permit. The District
gathers information to prepare a permit. Allow plenty of lead time as permits can easily take over
a month to complete depending on pending projects and permits. The engineering department
researches records and the site while developing the permit. Applicant is contacted about
payment of fees and obtaining the land owner’s signature. Fees can be paid by anyone and can
be processed at the front desk or 509-488-9671. Only the Landowner can sign for the permit.

Once signed and fee collected, the permit is submitted for final approval. At final review the
approving authority can approve or reject the permit. If a revised permit is necessary the land
owner will need to sign the revised permit, usually with no additional fee. The revised permit is
reviewed for approval. Approved permits are mailed out and are available through email.
Applicant must follow permitted conditions.

You may need at least one District permit, maybe more depending on project scope and District facilities in the area. You are responsible for managing your overflow and tailwater disposal.
A request is made to the engineering department, with information on the proposal. Engineering will review the request, determine impacts to surrounding facilities and recommend a possible course of action. Permits may accompany this process. Please allow plenty of lead time for review and potential permitting.
Livestock are not permitted within the prism of open-channel facilities. Please notify us if there is a problem.
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