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All special water delivery contracts are subject to the authority of the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

Application must be made on the form approved by the Bureau of Reclamation. The total acreage to be served by such special water delivery contracts is limited and is determined by water availability, contractual arrangements with the Bureau of Reclamation and policy determinations by the Board of Directors. Subject to such limitations, the following water service contracts are approved for use within the East Columbia Basin Irrigation District:
  • Article 10(d) Contract for Reclassification of Land and Transfer of Water Allotment
  • Waste, Seepage, and Return Flow WSC (801)
  • Temporarily Productive WSC (802)
  • Interruptible WSC (803)
  • First Phase Continuation Interruptible WSC (190)
  • Early and Late Interruptible WSC (290)
  • First Phase Continuation/Groundwater Replacement Interruptible WSC (807)
  • First Phase Continuation/OGWRP Interruptible WSC (809)
  • First Phase Continuation/OGWRP Interruptible WSC, EL 47.5 (810)
  • Municipal and Industrial WSC (804)

Each type of special water delivery contract provides for water delivery under certain terms and conditions which are specified in the form of each contract. Resolution 2015-35 more fully describes the District’s policies and procedures for the administration of these contracts.

For purposes of combinations of base quantities, each water service contract will be treated as an individual farm unit, subject to the limitations for combinations of water service contracts set forth in Combinations.

In situations where a single delivery point services multiple water service contracts, the assessments, supplemental and excess water charges and other appropriate charges for all water service contracts so served must be paid before water is delivered.

Contractual Background of Water Supply

diagram that maps out the Contractual Background of water supply
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