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Seasonal Change In Place of Use

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Interruptible (803), First Phase Continuation Interruptible (190), Early and Late interruptible (290), and First Phase Continuation/Ground Water Replacement Interruptible (807) Water Service Contracts, First Phase Continuation/OGWRP Interruptible WSC (809 and 810) may, by permit, be authorized a seasonal change in the place of use for the water service contract. Details of these limited circumstances, application procedures and the condition for approval for these seasonal changes are set forth in Resolution 2016-07. In general, these circumstances and criteria include:
  • The land at the site of the annual change in place of use must meet the eligibility standards for water service contract irrigation service.
  • The number of acres to be irrigated and the amount of water to be used cannot exceed what is provided for in the water service contract.
  • Reclamation Reform Act rules apply.
  • The land at the normal place of use for the water service contract cannot be irrigated during the year the change in place of use is in effect.
  • The landowners of all parcels affected must be provided in the application.
  • The change is for the entire irrigation season.
  • The locations of the two parcels must be compatible, which usually will mean contiguous or adjacent. The land will receive water from the contract’s delivery point.
  • The lands upon which water is to be used have been previously cultivated.
  • The District’s canal system must be capable of supplying the land that is the site of the annual change in place of use.
  • There will be no detrimental effects to platted Farm Units or other water service contract lands.
  • The land must be included in the Columbia Basin Project and have an irrigable land classification.
  • Seasonal change in place of use application must be received prior to February 28th of the year the change is requested.
  • There will be a $250 administrative fee (or such future rate as determined by the Board of Directors) payable when the seasonal change is approved by the Board of Directors.

Applications can be downloaded here:

Application and permit for Seasonal Change in Place of Use for

  • 1968 repayment contract, 1st phase continuation interruptilbe water service contracts (190)
  • 1968 repayment contract, early and late water service contracts (290) and
  • 1968 repayment contract, interruptible water service contracts (803)

Application and permit for Seasonal Change in Place of Use for

  • First phase continuation interruptible/groundwater replacement water service contracts (390)
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